Go Boxes

MAARS would like to thank the Wood County 2018 Farm Technology Days for the generious grant to make Emergency Radio Go Boxes.


This Go Box built by Lee N9LO contain a 25 Watt Dual Band Radio on a slide out shelf,  Battery Box for a 40AH AGM Battery, Solar Charge Controller for an 8 amp Solar Panel. There is a bag of coax, and various power cables and adapters and a AGM battery charger to top the battery off before going out.  A dual band antenna gets mounted on surplus military mast on a trailer hitch mount.




The Draxlers, John R. KD9OFG (Father) and John L. KD9OFH (Son), built 2 Go Boxes. 

The Radio is mounted to a sheet of 1/4” Plexiglas (that is what we had available) that sits on a couple of angle aluminum rails that are fastened in the box. It can be left in the box or removed when operating.  Solar panels are connected together with a couple small hinges and can be folded faces in and they fit perfectly on top of the cover for the box and a bungie cord holds them in place securely. The charge controller is mounted inside the box as it would only be used when charging the battery when it is in the box. There is a 12 foot long wire extension cord with power poles on each end that can be used to connect the panels to the charge controller and the controller and just be connected to the battery to charge it. A small trickle charger is also included in the box that has power poles on it instead of the alligator clips that came on it. This is done so it will easily connect to the battery. We took the alligator clips and left about a foot of cable on them to which we added power poles on the loose end. Here again, if you want to you can connect these to a vehicle battery and the extension cord to bring power to the charge controller in the box, or directly to the radio.