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Lee - N9LO


Military Mast Folding Hitch Mount

by N9LO

Did you ever see a carrier on the hitch of a truck or SUV with coolers or a deer strapped to it?  I found a fold over hitch for them that lets you flip them up and out of the way if they are not being used.   They sell for $60 - $70 on Amazon but I found one seller with free shipping to Amazon Prime members for $39.  I have no idea how they and make a profit with free shipping as it weighs 11 pounds.  A one foot piece from the top of a section fits inside. There are four holes in the mast section.  Two for the botton bolt and two for the locking pin.  I had to shim it to stop it from wiggling around.  I cut the remaining mast into a couple of shorter pieces.  I'm going to attach one to a 2m/70cm dual band antenna.  Put on 4-5 sections of mast and slide the antenna on the top, stand it up and lock in the pin.  In just a few minutes you can have an emergency sturdy antenna in the air.