Our first $500 Scholarship Recipient

Adam KC9RTF and his dad Pete KC9DRW presented by Rich N9MO


Marshfield Area Amateur Radio Society (MAARS) offered a $500.00 scholarship to a 2nd year post-secondary education student no matter what program they are enrolled in.  This scholarship is intended to help in the education of any student who has shown an interest in Ham Radio whose home address is in Clark, Marathon or Wood Counties.  Applicants having a Ham license will have preference during the selection process.  A successful applicant, without a ham license, must obtain their license before the funds can be awarded.  MAARS club members will be glad to answer any questions or provide any help in obtaining a ham license, whether you apply or not.


The application is similar to this.

1. Contact Information
      a. Name
      b. Address
      c. E-mail and/or phone
      d. Call sign

2. Amateur License (Answer one only a. or b.)
      a. Why did you decide to get your amateur license?
      b. If you don’t have one, why would you consider getting one?


          What would you feel is a realistic amount of time for you to get your license?

3. In this digital world, is there a future for amateur radio?

4. Where are you going to school (include your area of study and current year in your program)?

5. Tell us about your goals and future.

6. Tell us why you should receive this scholarship.

7. Tell us about your financial need.